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From aluminium sheet to "aluminium alloy tank" in the field of similar automobiles

 Date:2019-04-28 Popularity:460

Good economy and outstanding benefit

The aluminium alloy tank car body is lightweight, more economical and practical, with low density and high strength of aluminium alloy. It is lighter than similar steel tank trucks by more than 4 tons and 20% more than steel tank trucks. Because aluminium alloy tank truck is lighter than carbon steel tank truck, it reduces fuel consumption and tire wear during transportation, thus reducing the daily operation and maintenance costs.

High safety, reliable transportation

Aluminum alloy tank has good compatibility with acetone, benzene, gasoline and diesel oil, kerosene, glacial acetic acid and most other chemical media and food, and has a wide range of transportation. Maintenance costs are relatively low, and surface metal treatment can not be done in anticorrosion. When scratched, the car body will not rust, the appearance is durable, easy to clean, and the typical service life is about 15-20 years.

Energy Development, General Trend

Aluminum alloy tank truck materials meet the needs of the times of lightweight development. The popularization of aluminum tank trucks can effectively reduce energy consumption and emissions. At the same time, aluminium is recyclable and has a high recovery rate. According to the current price of aluminium in the international market, only the tank recycling has about 80,000 yuan. This virtually saves the operating costs of enterprises.

Policy support and favorable development

Aluminum alloy tank truck belongs to environmental protection vehicle. Lightweight of aluminum alloy tank truck means reducing fuel consumption and emission of automobile, and also means environmental protection. Because the exhaust gas contains a large amount of carbon dioxide, it is a major source of pollution to the environment, so the application of aluminum alloy tank material has contributed to environmental protection.

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